Note to readers

Dear Readers and fellow bloggers,

if there is still anyone following this blog:

First, I want to apologize for not posting anything for so long. I had planned on having both an english and a german blog, but it simply doesn’t work, because it confuses people on whose blogs I comment in different countries – in fact, I confused myself in the end.
So now I turned my good old german blog into a bilingual blog and I would be very happy if you feel like visiting me at the WORDNEST.

Have a nice day!

Patricia Koelle


Free Kindle ebook – Christmas Stories!

Free 12. to 14. November!

Liam secretly distributes mail that has an amazing effect. Freddie discovers treasure of a different kind in his Christmas tree. A postman is puzzled by an extraordinary sight when he passes Julius’ house in the morning, and a Christmas tree seems to be traveling by itself. An encounter on the beach leaves a lasting memory.
These poignant and touching stories capture the essence of our endeavors to rouse the spirit of Christmas. They carry simple but often forgotten messages, appropriate for uncertain times in which we need to rediscover the less tangible things in life that bring us joy and satisfaction. The characters experience ways to ward off despair and discover what makes their lives worthwhile. Their encouraging stories illustrate ways of coping with the human condition and offer a memorable reading experience.

The Accidental Novel

In November, in the middle of working on a novel, I started to write a short story, because a protagonist appeared before my inner eye from nowhere as a complete surprise, sat himself on a paperweight on my desk, dangled his legs and looked at me expectantly, willing me to tell his story.
After a few pages I stopped because of Christmas preparations and other unforeseen things.
In January and February it was bitterly cold outside and I spent the afternoons at my desk to finish the story. And it turned out not to be so short. Suddenly it was a finished novel! This proves what surprises writing can bring. There was no plan and no plot to this story, I broke all the rules. I wrote it for myself, to enjoy, and never thought of potential readers. And yet, when I sent it to “my” publisher, he was all excited about it. It will be an ebook AND a print edition. It may even be the best thing I have ever written.
This post is supposed to encourage all of you fellow writers out there. Offer the surprises a place on your desk, and then simply have fun. As long as you sit down and write, all kinds of things may happen!

The Color Of Tomorrow

Have a look at the new Spring Issue of “From the Depths” by Haunted Waters Press.
What a lovely literary journal with a stunning design!
I am honored that my story “The Color Of Tomorrow” is part if it, as well as an author’s interview.

Shore Lines

I am very happy to find my piece of creative nonfiction called “Shore Lines” published on the beautiful website of Haunted Waters Press. To read it, click on the picture below.
Many wonderful works can be found on the pages of Haunted Waters Press and their literary journal “From the Depths.” Browse or download and enjoy!

A German Christmas Tree

So, this is our Christmas Tree. Slender, so Peter can move around it in the wheelchair easily.
I like all our ornaments, collected over the years.
The “soap bubbles” of glass

and lace ornaments

Old-fashioned pewter decorations

things made of wood

or pottery

A friend made these angels

And, of course, real beeswax candles with the scent of natural honey.When the last flame goes out on Christmas eve, one may think of a secret wish, and it may come true.

Soft Silver

After a rainless autumn, we have a warm winter full of a soft silver drizzle that silently and gently spreads a new kind of Christmas magic over the gardens – roses and other flowers still blooming, untouched by frost, enhanced by the muted light of December that sets them sparkling in an almost unreal way. I like it. Nature decorates with unpreposterous grandeur, sparks of hope and thanks hanging from every tiny stem.
Have a blessed and magic Christmas, everybody!

An unexpected gift

We had to remove an apple tree in our garden. Over the years it had grown much more than expected, and so a very old rose, nearly dead and hardly visible was forgotten in its shadow.
With the tree gone, the rose revived. It started to grow at the beginning of November, and now, a day before December, untouched by frost as yet, has fifteen gorgeous roses on it. A wondrous fragrance rises from them, warm and fragile, deep and beautiful – a scent I am sure only a winter rose can give, in celebration of survival, life, and the discovery of light even in dark and cold days.
My mother always told me when she came home from the war and the train carried her through a destroyed Germany, she saw a magnolia tree blooming undismayedly among the charred remains of crumbled houses. Whenever she got discouraged and lost hope and faith, she thought of that magnolia tree, and it gave her strength. Later, she planted one in our garden.
I think this winter rose will be a magnolia tree in my mind, though not the only one.

A Wonder for Writers

Ha! At long last, there is Scrivener for Windows, available HERE. (as a trial version, too.)
I was wary about the beta version, played around with it some but for serious work waited for the full version.
I thought this software would be good, but hey, nobody told me it is such FUN besides being a wonderful tool.
I’m a chaos person when writing. Notes fly about my desk like hyperactive moths. Plot ideas pool haphazardly at the bottom of overlong word documents, ending up as worms that seem unfamiliar to me and tend to knot. Index cards stick to closet doors and whiteboards, remaining there for years mixed with new ones until I hardly recognize them or remember to which manuscript they belong.
But NOW, there is SCRIVENER! There is a corkboard, ready at a click, where I can move around at will index cards in any size, amount and color I want, stamped with “First draft” or “Idea” or whatever I desire, and with custom-colored pins sticking in them.
There is a folder for research. There is s place for “document notes” that stay with a document and show up neatly at the side when I’m working on it (Only if I want, but I WANT!) There is also a space for “Project notes”. What a help!
I can change around everything at a click and have it exactly the way I want. The corkboard alongside the document, the screen split either vertically or horizontally – or two documents alongside eath other – or just the document I’m working on, without any distractions. Then there are the fun AND useful gimmicks like session targets and a name generator.
It is all very easy to get the hang of; it works intuitively, and there is a short tutorial, clear and to the point.
Hey, I can shove everything around at will and no stickies drop from the desk to get lost under the carpet or stick to my shoe soles. This software enhances the fun and sparkle in writing, saves time and helps me improve my manuscripts, because I have an overview at all times. Editing is easier and so is compiling.
Thanks all of you who created this wonderful tool! One so seldom gets exactly what one wants and needs – even before one knew what one wanted! So, it’s pure joy. I’m going to wallow, and I hope many writers will enjoy!

Angel at the window

A sample from “New Christmas Stories”:
Click here