Coloring the day

Grey was everywhere, in the air, the sky, on the moor which looked as if nothing would ever grow green there any more. Then I stumbled upon pictures on the sidewalk, drawn with chalk in bold and defiant colors: A house, a sun, a flower, the way children  of all times have drawn pictures on sidewalks. Only they were so unexpected. I had not seen their like for a long time. Thir colors seemed to me to touch everything, the grass, the sky, my state of mind. Back home I found a piece of chalk in the kitchen and drew a smiley and a flower in front of  our garden gate. I simply had to.



  1. Welch schöne begebenheit und ja, auch bei uns im Örtchen findet man hin und wieder diese Kreidezeichnungen noch auf dem Gehweg. Oder die Kästchen, um zu springen – wie hieß noch dieses Hüpfspiel – ich weiß es leider nicht mehr…. 😦
    Hab einen schönen Tag!

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