Calls from above

Dawn brought me a surprise. Daylight was still sleepy when I woke and heard the call of cranes flying north, somewhere high above. This moment in spring is always special to me. Their call speaks of the baltic ocean where we have spent unforgettable days brimming full of cloud colors, water sounds and ocean scents. And they tell of the spring and summer to come, and today they carried an idea for my current novel with them. For a while they make me  feel light, and time seem new and young and full of possibilities. The call of the returning cranes is always a beginning.



  1. For you the cranes are a beginning, for me the snow geese signal an end. An end to a very long, ice covered winter in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania. My home is nestled in their winter feeding grounds. Every morning the sky undulates with waves of geese flying from field to field as they scavenge for the last kernels of corn.

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