A tiny teacher

It is impossible for me to have a favourite flower, but I think the one I admire most is the snowdrop. So simple and clear, white in a gesture of courtesy to winter, but with a hopeful core of green speaking insistently of spring. It gets up earlier than all its comrades, defiantly pushing through hard, frosty earth and emerging when you least expect it. Its slender leaves point towards the sky, leaving no doubts as to its aim. It ducks smoothly under layers of snow, but rises unfazed as soon as possible. Its flower hangs from a thread-thin stalk that dances in any storm without breaking. It opens its petals to sunlight only, and otherwise patiently bides its time. I would like to have some of its qualities, and every year the snowdrop is here to remind me to work at that.



  1. To have the courage, patience and spirit of the snowdrop! Love the imagery in your writing!

  2. Patricia – wie schoen – Ein Blog auf Deutsch und auf Englisch! Ich habe Deutsch studiert aber es war schon lange her – ich bin ganz aus der Uebung (wie Du wohl siehst!!).
    Ich freue mich darauf, noch ‘mal etwas Deutsch zu lesen (I have just subscribed to your blog!).

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