Between day and night

Dusk is my special time of day, especially now, just before the beginning of spring. When the sky has this glass-clear luminuous quality behind the pencilled net of naked branches, there is magic in the hour and I feel strangely light and free. It is a time for thankfulness, stillness and wonder, and the best stories.


Die Abenddämmerung ist meine besondere Tageszeit, vor allem jetzt, ganz am Anfang des Frühlings. Wenn der Himmel dieses glasklare innere Leuchten hat hinter den Bleifstiftzeichnungen der kahlen Äste, dann liegt ein Zauber in der Stunde und ich fühle mich seltsam leicht und frei. Es ist die Stunde für Dankbarkeit, Ruhe und Staunen, und für die besten Geschichten.



  1. Dusk… “is a time for thankfulness, stillness and wonder, and the best stories” — I love that!

    Do you write at night? I usually write in the morning, before my head is cluttered with errands, work tasks, and other-people’s thoughts. I usually read at night, being too tired to string two coherent words together.

    • “Other-peoples thoughts” – well put, I know what you mean. I have many ideas in the mornings and would also like to write in the mornings, but have no time. At night, I too am tired. So, I write in the afternoon and the twilight hour.

  2. I love dusk too. It is usually the time when I am winding things down and preparing for the end of the day. I feel safe and secure at dusk.

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