Green lights


Green lights appeared in our hedge today as the sun lit up the first young leaves. For me, after the wordless feeling of beieng stunned that set in a while after my father’s death, they seem to be a green light that tells me to get moving again. There are new thoughts daring to sprout in my mind, encouraged by the the friedly anemones and undismayed violets at my feet.

When I started this blog I meant to write a little something every day, and bilingual. It didn’t work out that way, partly because my days are too full, partly because it cost too much strength right now. So instead this is going to be my english hideaway, a sort of inner seashore to dig my toes in and splash around at balmy edges. English relaxes me more than german, even though my life happens in german nowadays.

So I started to translate a children’s story I wrote in german. I like the idea beheind it, even though it is  far from perfect, and probably my translation will be full of mistakes. Nevertheless, in the end I want to make an e-book out of it.

Maybe I’ll post the beginning here and see whether anybody thinks it worthwhile.

Even if not, it’s a fun project.



  1. I adore your outlook in life Pat. (I hope you don’t mind the name.) I agree everyday sprouts a new idea and if we don’t make a good use of it eventually they will wither.

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