Too green for writing

Some days are just too green to spend them writing. This unfolding luminescent green seeps into every thought, every nook and cranny of my mind and all I can do is be part of the song and dance outside: the softness of young grass, the colorful taste of spring air, the blackbird’s liquid notes drifting through the april play of rain and light and the tiny inquisitive winds whispering around corners. This morning a robin was splashing in the birdbath in the middle of a shower, doubling the silver drops that clung to my small part of the world like a statement of joy. Surrounded by all this growth and exultation, I feel like a diminutive, happy and breathless creature.



  1. Ms. Patti, that was written so well and so eloquently that it was almost as if I were seeing those things myself! You truly are gifted!

    And judging from the fact that your “About Patricia” is in what looks like German, I wonder if it is safe to assume that English is not your mother language?

    If this is the case, many native speakers could learn from you, for you write excellently!

    In fact, I am a little jealous, for English IS my native language, and I have yet apparently failed to induce in others the response that your few simple sentences did in me.

    Heaven bless, sweetie, and keep on writing, for you definitely have the gift!

    marantha jenelle

    • Thanks for the encouragement. So it’s not full of mistakes?
      I feel I’m out of practice. I was born in Alabama, but grew up in Berlin, Germany, where I still live.
      Anyway, I don’t think you have reason to be jealous 🙂

  2. No mistakes that I can see and I just noticed something you and I share in common, our love of descriptives…words that paint pictures on the canvases of the minds of those who read our stories. It is, sadly, precisely what got me booted of of absolute writer’s water cooler permanently. I…welllllllllllll…let’s just say I took exception to them wanting me to strip my work of nearly everything that gave it life and color. And I didn’t exactly do it with diplomacy (shame on me!)

    If you have read many of my posts, even the ones dealing with my illness, you will no doubt have noticed my proclivity towards what I “affectionately” call “verbal word explosions”…in short, I paint with words what I am actually seeing in my head and heart. (So sue me!)

    Sadly, if what they were constantly telling me on awwc, editors and agents DO NOT like that sort of thing! From awwc’s advice, editors and agents want stories that are clipped, truncated, neutered, spayed, compressed, strangled, mangled, and nearly totally devoid of scene buildup, character buildup, emotional referencing and individuality.

    And that is precisely why, to save myself a major case of ulcers (not to mention possibly cussing out said agent or editor), I will be publishing through or createspace.

    Word of advice, DON’T join absolute write water cooler unless you have masochistic tendencies and enjoy having the work of your heart torn into tiny microscopic shreds!

    Keep up the good work.

    By the way, if you would be willing to do a “tradsie” I might be able to help you with spelling and punctuation, but not much more, as I am afraid I failed every English class I was ever in and only have a seventh grade level education.

    If you are interested, email me at and I will do a reply and give you my primary email (that one is an auxiliary I set up specifically to use for posting.

    Heaven bless,


    • Well, there must be a middle way. Editors are not always wrong. In fact, they have saved me from disaster often enough, thanks to their hard work. Too many adjectives are not good for a good story. They grow boring for a reader, and less is actually really more sometimes. Here on my blog, I can indulge. When I write books, I do cut and prune, and yes, it does make the stories better. It depends on what you want to do – just indulge yourself and enjoy, or produce a work that the reader can enjoy. I like doing both .-)

  3. Oh the wonderful way nature revives and imbues us with life–nice, Patricia. Hello. Nice blogcasa you’ve got here.

  4. Well-written composition. What is the meaning of “green” in your post?

  5. Beautiful – the photo echoed your words perfectly. It’s almost like you can breathe in the green. It makes me appreciate this beautiful planet of ours, and points to the importance of sustainability so generations far in the future can enjoy it…

  6. “Surrounded by all this growth and exultation, I feel like a diminutive, happy and breathless creature.” I feel the same way whenever I’m surrounded by trees and other beautiful plant life. I was at an indoor rainforest a few weeks ago and it felt life a wonderland of sorts. great post.

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