We are so rich

My love and I sitting in the garden on a balmy October Sunday, he in the amazing new wheelchair that opens up new paths – but at the moment our garden is paradise. Surrounded by trees spun of dancing gold, a carpet of gold and flame around us, the taste of golden apples of our own harvest on our tongues, church bells and birds in the background, the hum of last bees and the glitter of a dragonfly in flight. What more could one want?
Okay, it would be nice if somebody would want to read my books now and then. But it could hardly make me any happier.
I enjoy the scene deeply, almost afraid to breathe in case that makes the moment pass faster. It is so precious, so fragile.



  1. We are so rich and it is so easily forgotten and overlooked. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Been a long time..Patricia..I see you have a new look..Absolutely love this entry…please give a looky look to my entrance exactly where you are…I will be checking back… Bis spater……a black chick vom Dreilandereck.

  3. übrigens..mein blog name ist whenquiet

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