A Wonder for Writers

Ha! At long last, there is Scrivener for Windows, available HERE. (as a trial version, too.)
I was wary about the beta version, played around with it some but for serious work waited for the full version.
I thought this software would be good, but hey, nobody told me it is such FUN besides being a wonderful tool.
I’m a chaos person when writing. Notes fly about my desk like hyperactive moths. Plot ideas pool haphazardly at the bottom of overlong word documents, ending up as worms that seem unfamiliar to me and tend to knot. Index cards stick to closet doors and whiteboards, remaining there for years mixed with new ones until I hardly recognize them or remember to which manuscript they belong.
But NOW, there is SCRIVENER! There is a corkboard, ready at a click, where I can move around at will index cards in any size, amount and color I want, stamped with “First draft” or “Idea” or whatever I desire, and with custom-colored pins sticking in them.
There is a folder for research. There is s place for “document notes” that stay with a document and show up neatly at the side when I’m working on it (Only if I want, but I WANT!) There is also a space for “Project notes”. What a help!
I can change around everything at a click and have it exactly the way I want. The corkboard alongside the document, the screen split either vertically or horizontally – or two documents alongside eath other – or just the document I’m working on, without any distractions. Then there are the fun AND useful gimmicks like session targets and a name generator.
It is all very easy to get the hang of; it works intuitively, and there is a short tutorial, clear and to the point.
Hey, I can shove everything around at will and no stickies drop from the desk to get lost under the carpet or stick to my shoe soles. This software enhances the fun and sparkle in writing, saves time and helps me improve my manuscripts, because I have an overview at all times. Editing is easier and so is compiling.
Thanks all of you who created this wonderful tool! One so seldom gets exactly what one wants and needs – even before one knew what one wanted! So, it’s pure joy. I’m going to wallow, and I hope many writers will enjoy!



  1. I like Scrivener, and used it for quite a while. Now I find that it’s a bit too distracting for how I write fiction and most blog posts, and it’s usually only for research articles.

    If you were on a Mac, I’d recommend Byword to you. It’s just a simple text editor, but the typography is beautiful and it has some nice features to keep you focused on the work.

    Thanks for the blog post. However — wasn’t Scrivener for windows released quite a while ago?


    • Why should it be distracting, when I can make everything distracting disappear with a click on “Full screen” ? No thanks, I want nothing else.

      • It’s distracting because I am, by nature, an organizer. And I absolutely LOVE all of Scrivener’s icons, folders, notecards, etc. So the reason it can be distracting — despite full screen mode — is that I can tend to spend more time arranging things than actually writing.

  2. What a great tool… It was joy to read how it is when you write. Papers everywhere in all. That’s one inspired person in full gear. Wonderful! Have a blessed day…

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