A German Christmas Tree

So, this is our Christmas Tree. Slender, so Peter can move around it in the wheelchair easily.
I like all our ornaments, collected over the years.
The “soap bubbles” of glass

and lace ornaments

Old-fashioned pewter decorations

things made of wood

or pottery

A friend made these angels

And, of course, real beeswax candles with the scent of natural honey.When the last flame goes out on Christmas eve, one may think of a secret wish, and it may come true.



  1. Very nice. But as a retired vol. firefighter, aren’t you concerned about the candle flames and the dry pine?


    • It’s still fresh. We only light the candles when it’s fresh. And there is always somebody in the room, we only put the candles on branches where nothing is above, and there is always a water sprayer at hand.
      In all my forty-seven years nothing ever happened – nor in all the generations before. Some Germans light their candles and then proceed to get drunk – or stand their tree next to the curtains – that is when a fire happens.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Your tree is beautiful and the rose of your prior posts…..oh my…what a treat.

  4. Ahh Bruce, you old Humbug you! 😉
    The Christmas tree reminds me of wonderful times spent in Germany – getting nostalgic for the smells and sounds of a proper Weihnachten.

    Your photos, particularly of your garden and trees, are beautiful!

  5. Patricia,

    I have named you Most Versatile Blogger, something I should have done months ago. You can read all about accepting the award and what you now have to do here: http://brucestambaugh.wordpress.com/



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