The Accidental Novel

In November, in the middle of working on a novel, I started to write a short story, because a protagonist appeared before my inner eye from nowhere as a complete surprise, sat himself on a paperweight on my desk, dangled his legs and looked at me expectantly, willing me to tell his story.
After a few pages I stopped because of Christmas preparations and other unforeseen things.
In January and February it was bitterly cold outside and I spent the afternoons at my desk to finish the story. And it turned out not to be so short. Suddenly it was a finished novel! This proves what surprises writing can bring. There was no plan and no plot to this story, I broke all the rules. I wrote it for myself, to enjoy, and never thought of potential readers. And yet, when I sent it to “my” publisher, he was all excited about it. It will be an ebook AND a print edition. It may even be the best thing I have ever written.
This post is supposed to encourage all of you fellow writers out there. Offer the surprises a place on your desk, and then simply have fun. As long as you sit down and write, all kinds of things may happen!



  1. hannahkarena says:

    Congrats! When will your book come out?

  2. Patricia, That’s great! Congratulations. You have inspired me to get to work writing, if only for me.



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