“A dream’s nest” seems an adequate title for this blog, as well as for my ebook. What else is a blog but a nice nest for dreams, hopes and thoughts to snuggle into? In my story a child hides his most important dream in a turtle’s nest for safekeeping.
My dream was to write books when I grow up.
I do.
My name is Patricia Koelle. I was born in “Rocket City” Huntsville, Alabama in 1964. My father, H.H. Koelle, dreamed of bringing man into space and onto the moon. He became an engineer of the Apollo Programme and made his dream come true. My mother helped him do it while breeding turtles in the driveway and thinking no project too crazy.
My father died this year in February. But he left me the knowledge that no dream is too big to dream.

When I was a year old, my family moved to Berlin, Germany, where I still live. But since my sisters grew up in the USA, english remained our “secret language”. I always preferred reading english. I went to the Girl Scouts in Berlin and I babysat american kids. English was my favorite language. I think there is more music in it, more shades, more possibilities. But I lived a german life and it was realistic to write and publish in german language. I made my dream come true, found a publisher and am writing books.

Now, with the coming of ebooks, I have the new and thrilling possibility of publishing english stories. And I am lucky enough to have a publisher who is ready to do it. I am rediscovering a piece of myself, and it feels good.
I don’t know if there is anybody out there who wants to read my stories, but I am thankful to be here, if only virtually, back in the country of my birth.

Contact: patricia.koelle@t-online.de



  1. I sympathize with you becaue of the loss of your Father, but I sense that you know that he is always with you spiritually. Man oh man, what a great writer you are! When you publish a book, let me know..I will be one of the first in line for your autograph. Have a nice day, Patricia! Anna

  2. I am also sorry about your father. Thanks for stopping by An Author’s Blog. I love your posts about nature. It makes me miss my home in Canada. (I’m currently living in Belgium).

    You have a GREAT last name “Koelle”. I hope I can find a good pseudonym because my last name is too hard to remember and spell.

  3. I reckon this blog is about self-actualization and of course writing 🙂 I wish you success.

  4. I really love your blog! Good luck!

  5. Ahhhh no wonder you wandered into my energyscapes blogcasa–my children refer to my art as “intergalactic acid trips.” They do it with good humor and charm. But, my art is tied to meditation rather than any substances–so I’m not too thrilled about the “acid trip” nuances.
    Love your header baech images. Is it from a photo of yours?
    Lucky you to have such a father.
    Nice to meet you, Patricia.

    • Acid trip? Naahhh, some people might need that, but you and I go on such trips with an open heart and a clear mind, and a touch of deliberate and happy craziness. Lucky, are we not?
      Yeah, I enjoy photography, too.

  6. A beautiful blog with so much possibilities. The world is waiting to me mesmerized by you. Best wishes to you and your family.

    • Thank you very much. I enjoy your blog, too. I hope to have more time for this one soon.
      The world does not seem to be waiting, since nobody downloaded my ebook yet.
      I am working on an ebook of Christmas stories… I hope you will enjoy them.

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