Soft Silver

After a rainless autumn, we have a warm winter full of a soft silver drizzle that silently and gently spreads a new kind of Christmas magic over the gardens – roses and other flowers still blooming, untouched by frost, enhanced by the muted light of December that sets them sparkling in an almost unreal way. I like it. Nature decorates with unpreposterous grandeur, sparks of hope and thanks hanging from every tiny stem.
Have a blessed and magic Christmas, everybody!


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“Stop!” said Caretta hastily. “Don’t tell me! It won’t work if you don’t keep it secret. Just put it into the nest with the eggs.”
“Put it in the nest?” How could he do that, Daniel wondered.
“Yes, go on, just do it”, urged Caretta.
Daniel didn’t think it could work, but he didn’t want to hurt the turtle’s feelings. So he cupped his hands as if to catch water, imagined his dream into them and laid it softly among the precious eggs.
“And now fill the hole again carefully. Nobody shall know that somebody dug here”, Caretta told him.
Daniel gently shoved all the sand back into the hole. He was amazed how much there was. Then he swept away the imprints of his hands with a palm leaf. Finally he scattered some of the small shells over it that lay everywhere. Now the spot looked just like the rest of the beach. Nobody but Caretta and Daniel knew the secret under the sand. No one on this half of the earth, and no one on the other half, to which Daniel would return tomorrow.
“Now my children can grow inside the eggs, a little bit every day, and your dream will grow with them”, Caretta explained. “It will take about ten weeks. When they are all big enough, they will hatch. Then they and the dream will crawl into the ocean together.”
“What will they do there?” Daniel asked, curious.