Soft Silver

After a rainless autumn, we have a warm winter full of a soft silver drizzle that silently and gently spreads a new kind of Christmas magic over the gardens – roses and other flowers still blooming, untouched by frost, enhanced by the muted light of December that sets them sparkling in an almost unreal way. I like it. Nature decorates with unpreposterous grandeur, sparks of hope and thanks hanging from every tiny stem.
Have a blessed and magic Christmas, everybody!


Too green for writing

Some days are just too green to spend them writing. This unfolding luminescent green seeps into every thought, every nook and cranny of my mind and all I can do is be part of the song and dance outside: the softness of young grass, the colorful taste of spring air, the blackbird’s liquid notes drifting through the april play of rain and light and the tiny inquisitive winds whispering around corners. This morning a robin was splashing in the birdbath in the middle of a shower, doubling the silver drops that clung to my small part of the world like a statement of joy. Surrounded by all this growth and exultation, I feel like a diminutive, happy and breathless creature.

Between day and night

Dusk is my special time of day, especially now, just before the beginning of spring. When the sky has this glass-clear luminuous quality behind the pencilled net of naked branches, there is magic in the hour and I feel strangely light and free. It is a time for thankfulness, stillness and wonder, and the best stories.


Die Abenddämmerung ist meine besondere Tageszeit, vor allem jetzt, ganz am Anfang des Frühlings. Wenn der Himmel dieses glasklare innere Leuchten hat hinter den Bleifstiftzeichnungen der kahlen Äste, dann liegt ein Zauber in der Stunde und ich fühle mich seltsam leicht und frei. Es ist die Stunde für Dankbarkeit, Ruhe und Staunen, und für die besten Geschichten.